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Scholarship from Government of Poland

Poland Government will give 10 scholarships to Vietnamese student in school year 2017-2018, the name of this scholarship is Ignacy Lukasiewicz.

This scholarship includes full tuition fee and 1350 PLN-zloty (400 USD) each month, airplane ticket is not included.

For students who graduated from University in the last 2 years, senior students in University or students attending Master Programs.

Program content
Students will spend 1 year to study Polish, then return to University and study specialized objects in Polish.

Contact Information

Faculty of International Education – National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE)
12H2, NUCE, No. 55 Giai Phong, Hai Ba Trung, HanoiTel: (844) 32181583/(844)36285371
Email: dtqt@nuce.edu.vn
Website: http://dtqt.nuce.edu.vn/vi/