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About Faculty of International Education (FIE – NUCE)


In order to implement long-term development strategies to facilitate the education internationalization process, the Faculty of International Education (FIE) was established by National University of Civil Engineering(NUCE) on 27 June, 2016 based on  the co-operation and joint training programs with major international partners in the world (France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Taiwan ..,) which has been set up for decades.

As a unit with particular characteristics, FIE plays an important role in improving the quality of training, developing training programs that follow international standards, training high-quality and qualified human resource that have good foreign language proficiency, serving the goals of industrialization and modernization of the country, to meet the requirements of international integration in higher education in Vietnam.

In close collaboration with the International Cooperation Department (ICD) and International Cooperation Center for Education and Consultancy (ICCEC), FIE is responsible for organizing, implementing and developing the long-term and short-term training courses, collaborative training projects between the NUCE and the international educational institutions all over the world.

Although was newly established but FIE has utilized the existing strengths of the NUCE as qualified oversea trained lecturers and staffs, active and well-equipped learning environment, qualified and enthusiastic students to promote the joint programs in the Faculty.

Young staff of the Faculty of International Education and ICCEC

Goals – Vision

  • To contribute to the NUCE’s educational quality improvement to approach to the modern and innovative education in the Asian region and in the world.
  • To become an advanced training unit with international standards to meet the requirements of high quality human resources in order to fulfill the needs of socio-economic development of the country.

Functions and missions

To support for the  university in setting up, organizing and implementing international education projects and programs  at all levels: preparatory courses, undergraduate and post graduate

To organize or coordinate in implementing training programs, short-term training with the participation of local and foreign partners

To organize language training to fulfill the needs of society; To organize the language assessments; To associate with authorized language testing centers to provide certification of foreign language for students in accordance with law

To create linkages with other faculties in the university, or out-side organizations to organize advanced training programs that teaching in foreign languages

To provide the following services: oversea study consultancy; educational research consultancy, conducting projects related to international education; consultancy for international projects on competence improvement of the staffs and faculty; organizing domestic and international conferences; organizing students and staff exchanges with international partners; organizing oversea study tours, providing capacity building courses for local and international companies.


Faculty leaders:

Dean: Dr. Tạ Quỳnh Hoa

Vice Dean: Dr. Đặng Thị Thanh Huyền

Faculty’s Secretary: Chu Nguyet Linh

Programs Specialist: Bui Thi Lan Anh

Programs Specialist: Nguyen Hai Van Hien

Coordinator of the joint training program: by trainers with many years of experience studying and teaching in foreign countries and experience in managing, undertaken developing training programs.


The long-term international joint programs


  • Preparatory joint program among NUCE, University Bauhaus Weimar University, and Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences (Germany).
    Specialization: Architecture; Construction; Environment; Renewable energy and recycling techniques; Business Administration; Electronics and automation; public governance; Information technology and applications; Health services and social; Economics and international business enterprises; Social governance.
  • Preparatory joint programs between the National University of Civil Engineering and Italian Universities (University UNIMORE, University of Palermo, and University of Parma).
    Specialization: Construction and Environment; Information Technology; Electronic; Mechanical; Construction management; Economics and finance; Architecture.


  • International joint Master program between NUCE and Management School of the University of Liege (Belgium). Specialization: Industrial Management.
  • International joint Master program between NUCE and the National Taiwan University (NTU). Specialization: Structure Engineering (SE); Construction Economic Management (CEM).
  • International joint Master program with the University of Leipzig – Germany. Specialization: construction.

Short-term training

  • Soft skills training
  • The intensive courses related to the field of construction, management, and environment…
  • BIM Technology
  • Green Architecture

Foreign language training

  • TOEIC courses 300-350-400-450
  • IELTS courses
  • German courses, Italian courses

Organize International Conference, Summer school