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About University of Liege:

University of Liege – a public university in Belgium was established in 1817 and ranked 91st on the World’s best universities record by THES magazine in 2009.

Liege is famous for education quality and applying science and technology advantages in teaching. It is in 10% of the best universities in the world. Located in the heart of Europe – the important location in trade; therefore, it gets preeminent factors of technological science and development management. Currently, University of Liege has 11 faculties including HEC Management School.

HEC Management School in University of Liege is famous all over Europe for its education in management fields: Corporate Management, Industrial Management, Finance, Accounting … Many directors and good managers were graduated from HEC Management School and now hold high positions in Europe and over the world. With about 200 professors and 130 experts, the school has attracted 2500 students, in which the number of international students accounts 35%.

There are 5 departments, 11 study centers or units operating in many areas of management. Its infrastructure for education is well equipped with the system of computer rooms and libraries with the huge number of reference documents. Especially, the “Commercial Office” can connect to international financial centers to update daily information for research and forecast. Furthermore, there are several services for students such as the job search service, services connected with companies to find sources of scholarship and support for international students.

History of program:

National University of Civil Engineering and the University of Liège has cooperative relations since the end of the 90s. The beginning of the joint programs was PhD Training Project between 8 universities in Europe and 8 universities Vietnam in 2003, in which NUCE and University of Liege was 2 management schools. On this close relationship, after many trips, the Executive Master Program in Industrial management between NUCE and HEC Management School – University of Liege was established in 2010. The program was allowed by the Ministry of Education and Training under the decision No. 3974/QD-BGDDT on 9 November 2010. After three successful courses, the two sides promoted to continue the program and were allowed by the Ministry of Education and Training under the decision No. 4055/QD-BGDDT on 30 September 2014.

Up to now, the program has enrollment 6 courses with 67 participants in total, including 62 students received certificates for the Master period 1, 26 students received Master’s degree and 6 students are studying at the University of Liège. Most of the students upon graduation will receive the career opportunities and better positions in international corporations such as Samsung, Microsoft … or prestigious universities in countries such as the National University of Civil Engineering, University of Transport and Communications…


The program is recognized and appreciated by the Ministry of Education and Training in both countries. Right from the early days of implementation, the program has always received the support and the precious sponsor from Wallonie Bruxelles in Vietnam (the organization representing French-speaking Community of Wallonie in Belgium and Commission French-speaking community at capital region Brussels – Wallonie Bruxelles International (WBI).
In the first phase in Vietnam: the program has the participant of the leading professors of Vietnam and Belgium.
In the second phase: the students have more opportunities to receive full scholarship from WBI and Belgium. Tuition in Belgium is supported by the government.

Master’s Degree from the University of Liège is recognized by the international and the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. Students after graduation will receive the career opportunities and good working positions;
 Environmental training in Europe is favorable for the development of future career and gives students more opportunities to visit and work in European countries.



  • Graduated from universities of engineering and economics.
  • English requirement: B2 level under the European Standard. (Equivalent to 5.5 – 6.5 IELTS or 87 – 100 TOEFT)

Enrollment quota:

25 master students.

Program contents:

  • In the first phase at NUCE – Vietnam: students are taught by Vietnamese and Belgium professors and provided Certificate of Executive master in Industrial management by HEC Management School – University of Liege and Certificate of Postgraduate in Industrial management by NUCE.
  • In the second phase at HEC Management School – University of Liege: students are provided Master of Science in Management or Master of Science in Management Engineering.

Financial requirement and Scholarship:

  • In the first phase: pay tuition for the first year in Vietnam.
  • In the second phase: is supported tuition in Belgium and more opportunities to receive full scholarship from the Wallonie Bruxelles organization and University of Liège.

Enrollment includes:

  • Registration forms for the program (Vietnamese, according to the form of the program).
  • University diploma, scores in Vietnamese and English translation (certified copy).
  • Curriculum vitae (certified by the heads of the agencies, workplace or residence).
  • English Certificate provided by Vietnamese center or international (certified copy).
  • CV in English (with photo 4 * 6) (prints and soft file).
  • Birth certificate (certified copy).
  • Health certificate (valid for 6 months from the date of filing).
  • Identity card (certified copy).


The International Cooperation Center for Education and Consultancy- ICCEC
Faculty of International Education – FIE, the National University of Civil Engineering – NUCE
Tel: (04) 3.628.5371 Email: iccec.nuce.hn@gmail.com