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National Taiwan University (NTU) was established in 1928 with the name as The Taihoku Royal University (Taipei). After the World War II in 1945, the government restored, organized and renamed the university as National Taiwan University.

NTU is the most famous university and comprehensive in Taiwan, plays an important role in developing Taipei, Taiwan. It is in the top 70 of 200 leading universities all over the world, ranking the second among Asian universities. NTU has 7 campuses, accounting for 1% of the entire territory of Taiwan.

NTU trained a lot of intellectuals and famous people in many fields in Taiwan. Up to now, NTU has 11 sub-schools, 54 faculties and 103 post-graduation institutions (for more than 100 master programs and 91 doctor programs).

The university has more than 2000 international students from over 60 countries. The Faculty of Civil Engineering – which joints with ICCEC, NUCE implement the Joint-Master Program is the leading Faculty among all civil engineering Faculty in Taiwan and over the world.

Up to 2016, among almost 200 candidates, there are 109 students passed the entrance exam of NTU – NUCE Council, 74 students got the Master degree, and 8 students are studying at the moment. Among graduated students, 7 students are studying PhD in Taiwan, USA, Canada, Hong Kong… and about 12 students become lectures, researchers in universities and some are working at international companies.


  • The program is recognized and appreciated by the Ministry of Education and Training in both countries. Especially, students who attend the program have good feedback, and they are proud of becoming a member, a student of NTU.
  • Low – cost tuition fee: Among the first 7 courses, the students were sponsored from three biggest Consultancy Design Companies in Taiwan: CECI, CTCI, and Synotech which is enough for students to pay the tuition and most of the living cost in the second year in Taiwan. The students are supported to live in dormitory, and support the finance if attend the research with the NTU’s professors.
  • The high quality of program is ensured for years of closely jointing between two universities, showing through 80 students finish the first year in NUCE then all of them can study in NTU and get the Master Degree.
  • The candidates of the program have no entrance exam; they just have to submit the CV and then interview.
    The program always connects closely between training and reality. When study in Taiwan, all students visit the offices and the constructions of the sponsor companies in Taipei. They get the information, experiment from the designers, the project managers and the engineering.
  • The Master degree granted by NTU is recognized by the international and the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. After graduated, the students are appreciated by the recruitment company and get more opportunities to promote and high salary.
  • The interruptive time is short (10 months) so students can study part – time in the first year.
  • If students know Chinese, they can get job easily in Taiwan.


Enrollment quota:

20 – 25 students for two majors.


Structural engineering and Construction project management.

Program content:

The total education time: 2 years and the program is completely taught in English. The educational program and degree are provided by National Taiwan University.

  • In the first year at NUCE: master students are taught 10 subjects by Vietnamese professors.
  • In the second year at NTU: study more at least 2 subjects and do Master Thesis.


  • Graduated from NUCE or other technical engineering universities.
  • Age under 40.
  • English requirement: B2 level under the European Standard (equivalent to 5.5 – 6.5 IELTS or 87 – 100 TOEFL)


  • The students pay the tuition fee for the first year at NUCE (about 65,000,000 VND) and no more any fees
  • Second year in Taiwan: Since 2015, students pay the tuition fee, living cost … (with lower cost in compare to study in Europe and American. The total cost is about 170 – 200 000 000 VND)

Enrollment includes:

  • Registration forms for the program (Vietnamese, according to the form of the program).
  • University diploma, scores in Vietnamese and English translation (certified copy).
  • Curriculum vitae (certified by the heads of the agencies, workplace or residence).
  • English Certificate provided by Vietnamese center or international (certified copy).
  • CV in English (with photo 4 * 6) (prints and soft file).
  • Birth certificate (certified copy).
  • Health certificate (valid for 6 months from the date of filing).
  • Identity card (certified copy).

Admission form:

  • Register annually in February (through Email, phone or register directly at ICCEC)
  • Buy and submit the paper in April.
  • Attend the English interview by NTU – NUCE Council in September or October in ICCEC, NUCE.


International Cooperation Center for Education and Consultancy- ICCEC
Faculty of International Education – FIE, the National University of Civil Engineering – NUCE
Tel: (04) 3.628.5371
Email: iccec.nuce.hn@gmail.com