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Joint Preparatory Program in Germany

International Cooperation Center for Education and Consultancy (ICCEC) – Faculty of International Education (FIE) of National University of Civil Engineeringhave have cooperated with partner universities in Germany like: Bauhaus Weimar University and Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences to launch “Joint Preparatory Courses” from 2006. For 10 years, we have ran 8 courses with over 100 students currently studying and working in Germany.

Many managers and academics of NUCE graduated from Bauhaus Weimar. Over the years, in addition to the close cooperation between the two universities, the alumni still keep in touch with the universities and invited to attend summer courses, specialized advanced courses, scientific conferences, … sponsored by Bauhaus Weimar. Currently there are more than 80 students studying in Bauhaus Weimar including academics of NUCE.

Students participate in the “Joint Preparatory Courses” program have to spend one year learning German with ICCEC, 1 year study in Nordhausen Preparatory School and 3 -4 years study in Bauhaus Weimar University, Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences  or other universities in the state of Thuringia.

After graduating from universities in Germany, students can continue to study PhD level in Germany, working in Europe or return to Vietnam and working in International Companies. Nowaday, there are many German enterprises such as BOSCH, GIC AHK, GIZ, KFW Viet Nam, Knauf are investing in Vietnam so after graduated in Germany; students can easily find a job in accordance with learned professions with high income levels in these enterprises.


  • Free tuition fee for 4 years in Germany
  • Study results will be reserved for one year (NUCE students only)
  • Diploma granted by German Universities
  • Many opportunities to practice and work in European countries
  • Supports for procedure by NUCE, Bauhaus Weimar University, Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.
  • Support from Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences during the first year in Germany
  • Alumni are invited to attend summer courses held annually in German Universities.



  • Pass National High School exam with at least 24 points total score (count four subjects: Mathematics, Literature, Foreign Languages and Electives only, no bonus point by other factors, no subject under 4 points).
  • Admitted to official university system of Vietnam.
  • Being student of NUCE or other universities.


Architecture, Construction, Management (Property, Real Estate and Construction), Computer Science Communication, Planning, Product Design, Visual Communication, Communication Arts, Culture and Communication Information, Environment, New Energy and Engineering Recycling, Business Administration, Electronics and Automation, Public Administration, IT and applications, Services and Social health, International Economics and Business, Social Administration..

Education and recognized

The training program of the Federal Republic of Germany. College degree granted by the German school.

Bauhaus Weimar University: Bachelor of Architecture, Technical Engineering

Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences: Engineering, Bachelor of Construction, Architecture, Environment, New Energy and Engineering Recycling, Business Administration, Electronics and Automation, Public Management, IT and application, Medical Services and Social, Economic and International Business, Social Administration.

Enrollment quota

  • Total: 60 students
  • Distribute to specialized universities:
    • Bauhaus Weimar: 20 students.
    • Nordhausen and other universities: 40 students.

Financial requirement

One year at NUCE: Students pay tuition to learn German and complementary subjects (Mathematics, Chemistry).

Four years of study in Germany: free tuition. Students pay other expenses (insurance, accommodation, travel …)

Consultancy for learning in Germany

Consultancy for students who wish to study at other universities in Germany in a variety of subjects with the following conditions:

  • Graduated from national High School meets the enrollment requirements above and matriculated into a recognized university in Vietnam.
  • Have B1 German certificate.

ICCEC organizes German courses for students who want to get B1 certificate.

Contact Us

  • International Cooperation Center for Education and Consultancy (ICCEC) – Faculty of International Education, National University of Civil Engineering
    Room.506 9-floor laboratory
    Phone 043.628.5371
  • Ms. Bùi Thanh Hằng
    Phone: 097.572.8663
    Email: hangbt@nuce.edu.vn
  • Website: dtqt.nuce.edu.vn
    Facebook: ICCEC – Du học quốc tế