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Joint Preparatory Course in Italy

Introduction of Unimore University (Italy)

University of Modena & Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE for short) is located in the north of the Republic of Italy. This is an ideal location between East and West coast of Italy on the Mediterranean Sea and between the Apennines Mountains and Dolomite. From UNIMORE, you can easily reach the major cities of Italy such as Parma, Verona, Mantua, Padua and Bologna in about an hour, while to Florence, Venice and Milan less than two hours.

UNIMORE is recognized as an university with long-standing tradition (founded in 1175) and is considered as one of the best universities in Italy for teaching and research.

The school was ranked 2nd among the public universities leading in finance of Italy, and among the top 8 universities in Italy ranked by Times Higher Education in 2011-2012.

UNIMORE has been ranked as one of the 8 universities leading in advanced research of Italy, according to separate research most recent assessment was funded by the Government of Italy (MIUR-CIVR). UNIMORE is an important element of the high-tech region network of Italy.

UNIMORE has over 300 international exchange agreements and cooperation programs to encourage students to actively support each other in a globalized world. Currently 6% of our students are international students from all continents of the world.

UNIMORE University signed an undergraduate training cooperation agreement with the National University of Civil Engineering from 2014 and pledged assistance; provide scholarships for outstanding students in the program.

Introduction of Palermo University (Italy)

Palermo University (Università degli Studi di Palermo) was officially established in 1806 though the earliest established could consider in 1498 when medicine and law course were taught here.

University of Palermo is one of the biggest schools in Southern Italy. The total students of the school is about 46,000 with 1,600 teachers and 2,000 technical staff, administrative and library staff. The university has 12 faculties including the Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Construction are the two largest faculties here.


  • Low-Cost learning: Vietnam students can apply for fee exemptions if proven low-income families
  • The learning environment with good quality. Systems classrooms, auditorium and library have leading standard in Europe. The utility serves as a canteen, dormitories are also high standard.
  • There are many opportunities to win a scholarship at the University of Unimore. 30% students who participate in joint preparatory programs in NUCE with the highest scores will be awarded full scholarships covering tuition and living expenses for the first year at Unimore. The remaining students will be exempted fees for the first year. If the results of the school year well, meeting the criteria as in the cooperation agreement between the NUCE and University Unimore, students will continue to receive the scholarship for the following year.
  • Short-time learning, only needs 3 – 3.5 years in Italy to get Bachelor Degree
  • There are many opportunities to travel throughout Europe, experience the culture and life in Europe
  • There are many job opportunities after finishing the course



15-20 students each course

Specialized training

  • UNIMORE University: Building and Environment, Information Technology, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering; Construction Management, Economics and Finance, Communications (20 students)
  • Palermo University: Architecture (5 students)

Conditions for participation

  • Graduated from high school, there is no point below 4.
  • Students who are studying at universities in Vietnam.


  • Students pay fees for the first year of training to learn Italian to reach the level B1 in the NUCE
  • Second year in Italy: Depending on the results of assessments at the end of Year 1 at NUCE students will be considered for scholarships, fee exemptions under different levels of agreement between the two schools.


    5th Floor –  9-floor Laboratory,  NUCE  No 55 Giai Phong, Hanoi

    Phone: (04) 36285371
    Email: dtqt@nuce.edu.vn
  • Ta Quynh Hoa –Dean of Faculty of International Education – Program Coordinator
    Mobile: 0983280775

    Email: HoaTQ@nuce.edu.vn